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UHD 4K 60fps HDMI Video Audio Encoder H.265 IPTV Encoder Live Streaming To SRT RTMP RTSP HLS UDP HTTP

Item No.: YDS4K60HL
Output:HDMI Loopout,IP
audio format: MP3 / AAC/ G711
Video Encoding:Hevc/H.265,Mpeg4/H.264
HDCP: HDCP2.2 and HDCP1.4
1channel up to 4K-4096*2160 60fps HDMI input, 1channel audio input.1 channel audio output
2channels IP outputLan2 for data,Lan1 for MGR
Dual streams output:4K 60FPS +1080 60FPS
Support HDMI 2.0,HDCP 2.2,HDR
H.265/ H.264 format, Audio: MP3, AAC, G711 format.
Configuration could be freely adjusted according to the need.
Support SRT/HTTP / RTSP / RTP/ TCP / RTMP / RTMPS/ UDP / ONVIF / HLS protocols.
Red indicator: power. Yellow: Streaming status. Green: Network
Key features
  1. Resolution:4096*2160/3840*2160/2560*1600/2560*1440/2048*1152/1920x1080/1680*1056/1280x720/720*576/640*480
  2. Supports WINDOWS ,LINUX and MAC OS
  3. Support SRT/ RTSP/ RTP/ RTMP/ RTMPS/ HTTP/ ONVIF/ HLS/ UDP unicast and multicast protocol
  4. Support Main TS stream and the sub TS stream use in different protocol.
  5. Encoding level: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (the higher the level, the larger of the code flow fluctuation ratio )
  6. Coding Standard: Base line profile/ main profile/high profileLEVEL 5.1, H.265 main profile LEVEL 5.0
  7. Audio: MP3, AAC, G.711, sampling rate: 32000,44100, 320000 etc, encoded audio bit rate: 48K, 64K, 96K, 128K, 160K, 192K, 256K
  8. Video bitrate Control: CBR / VBR 16KBIT/S ~ 50MBIT / S
  9. Video packaging: A mode: FFMPEG, B mode: VLC
  10. Transmission: TCP, UDP, 100M for configuration. 1000M for transmission (RJ45 Duplex network port)
  11. Support Text/ image OSD, images superimposing.
  12. Supports automatically obtain IP (DHCP), support One-key recovery, upgrade and remote maintenance.
  13. Image settings: contrast ratio, brightness, tones, saturation, noise detection, sharpness, filtering
  14. Support build-in or external audio input, support left and right sound channel, Support audio gain, turn volume individually.
  15. Support encoding without video signal;
  16. Low power consumption design.