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use kunuomagic transcoder convert rtsp to rtmp for live stream

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Update time : 2023-02-06 09:08:07
YNS-3000TD is a new generation HD H.265 HEVC Video Streaming Decoder & Transcoder which adopts state-of-the-art decoding technology of H.265/HEVC, H.264/Mpeg4, supporting RTSP/RTMP/UDP/SRT/HLS/HTTP/FLV protocol IP input, decoding it to HDMI and CVBS output, also supporting output IP can be different protocol, realize decoding& transcoding high integration.   

YNS-3000TD HD H.265 HEVC Video Streaming Decoder & Transcoder is able to send streams via a series of IP protocols, like HTTP RTSP UDP unicast UDP multicast RTP RTMP HLS, SRT, etc., can also decode IP stream (eg: rtsp://.., http://..., rtmp://…, udp://@..., hls, etc.) to output HDMI/CVBS at the same time and then connected to the monitor or TV via HDMI out to display the image, and support 1 channel external sound output synchronization, then output with various IP protocols synchronization. After the IP stream is decoded, the sound can be connected to the sound box or the power amplifier from the sound interface of the 3.5mm.
YNS-3000T HD H.265 Video Streaming Decoder & Transcoder can be used for Surveillance Camera, decoding, transcoding, push streaming and live broadcasting. It can decode the resolution up to 4K 60pfs,and transcoding resolution support 1080P 30fps. With cost-effetive solution, it is a ideal product for IPTV system projects. 
With embedded operating system, YNS-3000T HD H.265 Video Streaming Decoder & Transcoder possesses the features of stability, reliability, powerful function, network agility, develop malleability, which makes it a new generation HD network media terminal. It’s Low Power Consumption physical design, with decoding in compact size, benefit customers for more flexible to use, and avoid the trouble of gathering multiple devices.