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24 channel HD encoder HDMI to IP / ASI IPTV front-end system equipment Hotel TV system equipment

Item No.: YDS-8824EN
Video Input: 24 HDMI
Output: IP and ASI
Video encoding: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264
Audio encoding: MPEG-1 Layer 2, AAC-LC,EAAC,EAAC+
Protocol: Support UDP RTP Multicast Unicast
Application: Digital TV Head-end System
VBR and CBR mode: Support
Description Specification

YDS-8824EN Multi-channel HDMI TO IP Encoder with perfect video quality MPEG-4 AVC Encoder 24 HDMI sources from Satellite Receiver, PC, Blue ray, Local Playout, the latest new device which integrate encoding (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264). A key feature of H.264 HDMI video encoder is an outstanding choice of inputs, programs input via ASI can also be multiplexed and remapped to the ASI output, adding another function to the unit as an ASI multiplexer.

YDS-8824EN 24 H.264 HDMI TO IP Encoder is designed especially for high density Distribution Video Engineering project, which can support rapid deployment. YDS-8824EN already have been picked by well known companies not only because our high performance encoders ensure 100% uptime and stability of the system, but also because they come with advanced support for stable configuration, which is critically important to all live broadcasting applications. 
Overall Kunuomagic 's Encoder perfectly suit any professional AV company, including TV Channels, Live broadcasters, AV Installers and Integrators, Government applications, Hotel, Campus, Entertainment facilities, education broadcasting systems at schools and government buildings and many others.
Key Features:
24 HDMI input, MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 Video encoding
Full HD 1080P 60fps supported
24× HDMI inputs with 24 SPTS&1 MPTS output, IP output over UDP&RTP protocol
2 ASI inputs for external TS Multiplexing
2 ASI Independent output (optional) as copy of 1MPTS
Support “Null PKT Filter” function
Support PID Remapping/PCR accurate adjusting
Selectable the Value of PCR PID same as Video PID
VBR and CBR mode
Easy-to-use System Management via Web, front panel with LCD Display
Low-Cost Per Channel, competitive price

Item Description
Encoding HDMI Inputs
Numbers of Boards   4 HDMI ports per module
6 Modules in Back panel
Numbers of Ports    24 Channels
DVB-ASI   Inputs
Connector    BNC female, 75Ω
Signal Level 200-800mVp-p
Packet Length 188 bytes
Maximum bit-rate per port  ≤100Mbps
Number of Input Ports   Dual separate ASI ports
Video Processing
Input Resolution 1920×1080@60P, 1920×1080@60i,
1920×1080@50P, 1920×1080@50i, 1920x1080@25i
1280×720@60P, 1280×720@50P
Output Resolution 1920×1080@50P/60P (for optional)1920×1080@30P, 1920×1080@25P, 1920x1080@25i
1280×720@30P, 1280×720@25P,
Encoding MPEG-4 AVC/H.264
Bit-rate 1Mbps~13Mbps
Rate Control CBR,VBR
Audio Processing
Encoding MPEG-1 Layer 2, AAC
Sampling rate 48KHz
Resolution 24-bit
Bit-rate 64kbps, 128Kbps, 192kbps, 224kbps,256kbps, 320kbps,   384kbps
Audio Gain 0-255
Maximum   PID Remapping 180 input per channel
PID   remapping by automatically or manually
PSI/SI    SDI/PMT/TOT/PAT/BAT/CAT/TDT/NIT  Insert           
Accurate PCR adjusting
Max Numbers    4 mux  for  RF and  1 Mux for  MPTS   IP out in Modulation
4 Mpts  IP out  In Tuners gateway
Stream Output
DVB-ASI      2 Separate ASI,  (Select from    modulation Channels or MPTS  channel)
75Ω, BNC, 188Bytes
MPEG-2 TS over DVB-ASI (EN 50083-9)
RJ45 Port 100/1000M GbE Port
Simultaneous output with N*SPTS (from HD MI   channels) and  1*MPTS ( modulation or MPTS channels) 
MPEG-2 TS over UDP, unicast, and multicast streaming
Configurable packet size(2-7)x188Bytes
Filter Null Packet  
Total Bitrate          1-200Mbps (Should be More than Encoding bitrate)
LCD/keyboard, Web/NMS management,   remote upgrading
Power off memory, saving the settings for auto-loading after   reboot
The Working Environment
Warranty 3 years with free telephone support
Power Supply AC 110V±10%,50/60Hz or   AC 220V±10%,50/60Hz
Power consumption 55W
Operation temperature 0 -50°C
Storage temperature -20-80°C
Dimensions 482mm x 382mm x 44mm
Weight 5.5Kg